Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CDA to IDA fixation in PSU

My question is about to how to fix the Basic Pay in IDA when a person got a promotion on 26-12-2008. Before promotion i.e 26-12-2008, I was in CDA and I have been forced to move in IDA scale on the promotion. If I don’t accept this movement then I will not be promoted. To avoid the further complication, I accepted the promotion in IDA. The problems are following:
1. I was having stagnated increments in CDA. If my salary is fixed in IDA then my basic pay shall be fixed at the top of the scale and remaining shall be treated as PP(personal pay) and this my salary shall be protected on 26-12-2008. It will create a problem in re-fixation in new IDA scale. In IDA scale my basic shall be protected but PP shall be ignored. It is also mentioned in the Pay commission report of IDA Pattern. The final result will be that I am going to loose which is made up from the Basic Pay. It will heavy losses.
2. Second choice can be that I should shift my promotion from 26-12-2008 to 1-1-2009 and salary of CDA+DA+Band Pay + one increment shall be converted into a Basic Pay which will be a basic pay in IDA. This way basic pay shall be protected.
Our accounts department is not agreeing on any solution. They say that DPE guideline shall be followed. But we don’t find any guideline such guideline. Someone can provide the guideline on this issue.
I know that Honorable Supreme court of India has dealt this matter and allowed 69 PSEs to continue the CDA. Only interested person can opt for IDA. It has created a problem that Employers are not giving the promotions to CDA people. They can be given only if they opt for IDA.
Can someone provide the solution of this problem